We lead in service by standing behind our machines.

At Infinity, we take pride and personal ownership in the quality of our work. In a world of around the clock production, high-speed automation, and tough-managed inventory levels, our customers need more than just high-quality equipment. They need reliable customer service and quick turnarounds. We provide both on-site and remote technical service support, backed by in-house engineering. Our objective is to not only resolve any issues on existing equipment in an efficient manner, but we also work to improve future machines.

  • Our service technicians are the best in the business and can offer:
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Remote troubleshooting via HMI
  • Machine audits/ Spare part inventory
  • Factory acceptance testing

We also provide a 24/7 on-call rotation to be available to serve our customers at a moment’s notice.

Preventative Mainenance

Our maintenance upside means less downtime.

At Infinity we offer Preventative maintenance plans to keep your business running and keep your machines at optimal performance. Each plan starts with an onsite audit that is performed every six months, with thorough inspections, upgrade recommendations and a re-order of spare part inventory. Plus with over 20,000 spare parts on hand we’ll get your machine up and running again in no time. Our plans offer:

  • Ease of comfort for customer knowing their machine will be operating top-notch mechanically and electrically
  • Part replacement during planned downtime instead of unplanned downtime
  • Tracking of any consistently worn parts for future design revisions, or upgrades
  • Parts and assemblies that will be manufactured, fastened, assembled, tensioned, and torqued to OEM specifications.
  • Prolonged longevity of machine’s life
  • Development of a trusting customer- OEM relationship

Machine Audits

Infinity’s audits ensure that your equipment is running to expected production levels and preemptively monitors machines to prevent future breakdowns and lost production revenue. Our audit process is meticulously recorded to maintain service histories and spare part inventory.

Infinity Machine Audits include:

  • Onsite inspection of all machines every 6 months.
  • Comprehensive inspection and diagnosis of all machines in one visit.
  • Part replacement per our Maintenance Interval spreadsheet.
  • Documented service reports and recommendations after each visit.
  • Replacement parts will be shipped to customer within 6 weeks.
  • Customer is responsible to put replacement parts on unless they request tech time to install them at their expense.
  • Customer and OEM will have documentation of the audits to reference back to and to monitor any reoccurring issues.
  • OEM will keep track of each audit and Maintenance Interval to schedule the correct parts to be sent with each audit.
  • Additional machine training can be provided after all machine audits have been completed.



Before every machine leaves our facility it is run through grueling factory acceptance testing to your exact specifications and with your actual product. We test and then we test again.

We work closely with customers to make sure the performance levels meet your standards and ours, before shipping.

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Infinity’s Service Technicians are skilled both mechanically & electrically to install your equipment; taking care of all work necessary to ensure it is ready for production runs.

Our crew has over a combined 65 years of experience installing packaging equipment. By testing your equipment at our facility, we are able to minimize the duration of the installation, which in turn puts your facility into production faster.

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Infinity offers training for Operators and Maintenance Technicians via classroom or on-site training. We customize & compile all equipment manuals to use both during training & your day-to-day operation, if need be.

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