Poly Baggers

We bag with the quality your product deserves.

Infinity’s line of poly baggers has two speeds of productivity. However, what you gain in speed is never a loss in quality. We understand that your product is always judged by the quality of the packaging and our poly baggers deliver flexibility, reliability and performance, every time.
It can bag multiple folded, napkin, or tissue/towel roll variations, including bathroom roll, household roll, jumbo roll, hard roll and center pull towels for both retail and industrial products.

The bagger has an in-line servo diverter which synchronizes the product to the flight system and has a servo cassette system or upender for product collation. Our poly baggers can be purchased as stand-alone units or as a module unit. It can also be a great way to add alternative packaging to your overall product mix.

Key Features

  • Fusion 3.1 ready
  • Folded or roll compatible
  • Quick-change knife system
  • Sealing jaw system
  • Collates all standard bag formats
  • Inhouse product testing
  • Onsite installation
  • Maintenance plan packages

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Spec Sheet
G10 Poly Bagger Produces 10 bags per minute.
G20 Poly Bagger Produces 20 bags per minute.
Example Formats

Compatible With Our Infusion 3.1  Modular System

See Infusion 3.1

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