Servo Diverters

A diverter for all products and all speeds.

The Infinity diverters have unbelievable flexibility when it comes to speed and product variation. They act as a central brain in a converting line, efficiently balancing incoming product to the required downstream machinery. Infinity diverters feed a balanced output, ensuring that downstream machinery receives a steady, even flow of product. Its precise, variable control eliminates the need for excess conveyor systems or additional floor space.

Our diverters can merge, distribute, AND control- making them the smartest, most flexible diverters on the market.

Key Features

  • Rapid switch time
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Balancing any infeed lane to any discharge lane
  • Balance based on roll count
  • Reduces conveyor lengths
  • Servo balancing / speed control
  • No back-pressure required
  • Flexibility
  • Servo control with touch-screen interface
  • Discharge lane selection on HMI
  • Full tissue product range:  rolls, packs, folded products, industrial products, etc

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C2L Diverter Pivoting up down diverter that is servo controlled. This diverter is great for lines with dual packaging legs and one log-saw. The C2L diverter can take four lanes and distribute to two layers of four lane conveyor.
TSM Diverter The TSM (telescopic servo merge) diverter is used to merge lines from 4 lanes to two or three lanes.
SRL Diverter The SRL diverter (single roll laner) is the best diverter on the market for distributing rolls from four lanes to five, six, or even 7 lanes. This diverter is often used on lines where there is one multi-pack wrapper and single roll wrappers.
QS Diverter The QS diverter (quick-switch) can be a one, two or even three arm diverter that can take product (typically packs or rolls) and distribute them to the necessary lanes.

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