Growing Spanish tissue manufacturer, Manipulados Lisma, recently purchased three machines from Infinity Italia for its facility in Toledo, Spain.

The purchase breaks new ground for Infinity, as Lisma’s order includes the first VISION G3 multipack wrapper to be installed in the European Union, and the first Infinity Infusion modular system with an i18 bundler and C15 casepacker to be installed in the EU.

Infinity has long been a global leader in automated tissue paper packaging, and Lisma’s investment expands Infinity’s already growing influence in the European market.

Infinity prides itself on manufacturing machinery that is operator-friendly and capable of quick changeovers, two factors that are key to Lisma’s production line. The Infinity machines also have some of the smallest footprints on the market, allowing Lisma to more efficiently utilize space in their facility.

The VISION G3 multipack wrapper is the newest machine release from Infinity, and it features a multitude of new innovations. The machine can produce poly wrapped, paper wrapper, paper tucked, and facial tissue packs, giving Lisma ultimate versatility in production formats. The VISION G3 also features a unique telescoping poly unwind (patent pending), which allows for faster production and better pack quality.

Lisma selected an Infinity i18 Bundler for their line because it is capable of producing large, “European” style bundles for B2B commerce. The i18 will also enable Lisma to run a diverse range of products, as the bundler can run tissue rolls, tissue packs, individual bathroom towels, individual household towels, boxed products, diapers, and industrial rolls.

Infinity’s C15 casepacker has long been a fixture of the tissue products packaging industry, boasting low maintenance and high performance all within a small footprint. Lisma will be able to complete product changeovers on the C15 in as little as 20 minutes, ensuring that they will have maximum overall equipment effectiveness.

While the i18 and C15 are impressive machines in their own right, their compatibility with Infinity’s Infusion Modular system put them in a class above the rest. Developed by Infinity engineers to increase efficiency in a reduced footprint to that of similar linear machines, the 3 in 1 Infusion Modular system incorporates fixed docking stations to create increased packaging flexibility. Bundler, casepacker, and even bagger modules can be attached and detached from a common infeed module, allowing for three different machine combinations in one.

For more than 35 years, Lisma has been a family-owned and operated company, committed to continuous improvement. Lisma has risen to prominence in the European Tissue industry, as it successfully opened in new international markets. Lisma’s purchase of Infinity machinery ensures that they will have the equipment to continue their expansion for many years to come.