Monalisa invests in full packaging line from Infinity.

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp., a world-wide leader in packaging machinery for the tissue industry, will supply Monalisa, located in Nonsan-si, South Korea, a full packaging line. The line will be installed by June of 2021.

Infinity is supplying all the equipment on the packaging line between the log saw and the palletizer. The packaging line includes one (1) Eclipse T4 wrapper, one (1) EPXL bundler, one (1) ItaPack handle applicator (integrated by Infinity) and the conveyor system. Monalisa chose Infinity for this project because they required a system that was flexible for their changing market and they desired robust equipment that will last the next 20+ years. All equipment being provided is built with Infinity’s notable machinery characteristics like rugged steel frames, oversized bearings and overall top-of-the-line componentry. In addition, all machinery uses a SIEMENS processor.

The Eclipse T4 wrapper on this line will be able to run everything from single roll bath tissue to larger bath tissue pack options like 30-packs and 48-packs. The Eclipse T4 wrapper has become a tissue industry staple during the last four years with over 100 wrappers now in production throughout the world.

Not only will the Eclipse T4 wrapper provide more packaging options but so will the bundler on this line. The bundler is called the EPXL. It has a wide product range and can make small and large bundles. The EPXL bundler has a continuous motion design with linear servo movement of the knife and seal jaw. This allows Monalisa to fulfill their current bundle demands, but also gives them the ability to make bundles
with graphics applied to the poly. Since this bundler is continuous motion, it is able accurately follow registration marks and auto correct for misalignment. Other features of the bundler include an integrated diverter and flight bar system for easy product collation, automatic poly reel splice and poly pull out cart for safe poly loading.

Finally, the conveyor system on Monalisa’s line plays an important role in the creation of the product. The system is equipped with an Itapack Handle applicator and every turning, tipping and knock-down device. This allows Monalisa to apply handles to the packs in any orientation and position the packs into the bundle in any orientation as well.

Infinity’s line that has been delivered to Monalisa was designed, built and tested with extensive customer input throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Monalisa was able to see weekly progress through Teams meetings and check the line out virtually. This project truly represents what Infinity stands for robust, flexible, custom and customer-focused tissue packaging solutions. The line will allow Monalisa to offer new packaging options to their customers and will give Monalisa the ability to do this for years to come.

Infinity to supply Bedford Paper full showcase packaging line.

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp., a worldwide leader in packaging machinery for the tissue industry, will supply Bedford Paper, located in De Pere, Wisconsin a full packaging line for their upcoming greenfield expansion which will be completed in the first quarter of 2022. 

Infinity will be supplying all equipment on the dual-leg packaging line between the log saw and the palletizer. The dual-leg packaging line includes two (2) Vision G3 wrappers. The Vision G3 wrapper will have a five-lane infeed and be capable of producing packs up to three layers. This wrapper will give Bedford Paper the ability to produce everything from single roll household towel up to 30-pack towel or single-roll bath up to 90-pack bath. Other features include a cantilevered overhead for increased access, optimized pitches per format, and a noticeably small footprint.

The secondary packaging on the line includes two (2) Infusion packaging systems, which is a patented modular machine system from Infinity that gives converters ultimate flexibility by being able to produce cases and bundles within the same footprint and at a reduced capital expenditure. The Infusion system works by utilizing a fixed docking station coupled with modules, that can be moved from leg to leg, line to line, or even plant to plant! Each docking station contains an integrated diverter and flight bar system for product collations. This revolutionary modular system is the “industry original” and was first created to solve the limitations of fixed linear machines. While Infinity offers many different modules depending on region and product mix, Bedford Paper’s Infusion system will consist of two different modules. The modules include a C15 casepacker module and a JXL poly bundler module. Each of these modules can produce the full package range of case and bundle configurations in North America. The JXL bundler module can even produce core up and core down bundles as well!

Infinity is not only providing all the packaging machinery on the line, but also the conveyors, diverters, and case sealers. Infinity’s conveyor is robustly built out of 7-gauge steel and will come with a quick-adjust handwheel guide rail for fast conveyor change-overs. Fast conveyor change-overs can save converters countless hours of adjusting manual guide rail. Infinity also offers automatically adjusting guide rail for minimal operator interference. The conveyor system pairs perfectly with the Infinity four to five diverters being supplied on this line. These diverters are small and cost-effective and they will allow Bedford Paper to produce large display-ready packs on the wrapper with minimal investment because they do not need to purchase a five-lane log saw and the associated conveyor. The final piece of equipment being supplied on the new line will be the CS15 case sealer. The CS15 case sealer utilizes a mattop infeed squaring conveyor, a low-temperature glue system, a motor-driven flap folding system, and rubber compression rollers to create the best possible case every cycle. The CS15 gives converters peace of mind when it comes to case sealing. 

Also, worth noting is the “Line Synchronization and Simulation” or “LSS” that will be supplied by Infinity. LSS gives the ability to control the speed of the line and harmonize the downstream system as a single unit, not separate individual pieces. By programming the line such that each machine is part of the overall process and being able to automatically predict and/or react to the line, Infinity will be able to ensure maximum uptime and fewer line interruptions. Infinity LSS controls the line by monitoring downstream machine process data, the accumulator level, and the line target speed. 

The new packaging line will also feature many other technological advancements like blue-tooth geo-zones for mobile control of the packaging line, camera monitoring systems, and much more! However, that is not all! Infinity will also have the entire dual leg packaging line set-up at Infinity’sies their headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin from August through September of 2021 for scheduled customer visits. This two-month-long open house format will allow Infinity to provide a “hands-on” technology experience while maintaining safe social distancing practices and customer privacy. The line will also be available for “virtual visits” through Microsoft Teams. Infinity is proud to partner with Bedford Paper on this project as this new line aims to be an industry standard when it comes to tissue packaging technology.


Contact Information:

Ryan Holmer
Sales/Marketing Manager

overhead view of Infinity construction

Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. Expands Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities

Due to tremendous growth, Infinity Machine & Engineering Corporation, a market leading manufacturer of tissue packaging equipment including wrappers, bundlers, casepackers, diverters, conveyors and case sealers, has broken ground on a new 8,900 square meter expansion (96,000 sq. ft). Currently, Infinity is split between four facilities, three of which are in Green Bay, WI USA and the fourth in Bologna, Italy.

The new expanded facility in Green Bay, USA will be a total 16,000 square meters (172,000 sq. ft), which along with its facility in Bologna, Italy of 1200 square meters (13,000 sq. ft), will perfectly position Infinity to continue to grow its business and serve Infinity customers world-wide.

The purpose of the new expansion is to allow Infinity to offer greater manufacturing capacity to customers, implement manufacturing process improvements, expand product line offerings, have a dedicated R&D area, expand its training facilities, and to allow for full packaging line set-ups.

Some new features of the building expansion include; a monorail trolley system for powder coated parts which will more than double the paint capacity, adding an additional six final assembly bays (currently there are 13), and also adding additional “pre-build” areas to speed up production. The new expansion will also offer an expanded machine shop, a state-of-the-art quality assurance lab to verify the accuracy of parts, and an additional 1,200 square meters specifically for conveyor production. The expanded manufacturing facility is designed with the intent of creating an efficient flow from parts manufacturing, painting, job staging, assembly, check-out, and machine shipment. Natural light throughout the shop also creates a bright and open environment.

In addition, Infinity is also expanding its engineering offices to allow for increased engineering capacity. The new office will allow Infinity to have a total engineering staff of almost 40 engineers. Currently Infinity employs around 30 engineers. Infinity will also have a space dedicated to packaging line synchronization and simulation which will feature a virtual reality studio and large monitors for simulated line inspections before the actual installation. Also, the customer service area will be expanded to allow for more remote troubleshooting facilities, machine monitoring, engineering collaboration, and increased capacity.

Between the years 2016 and 2019, Infinity has more than doubled in size in terms of machine shipments and revenue. The growth of Infinity, however, is not represented best by the amount in sales or the number of machines in the market, but by the people that make up the company and its valuable customer base. In 2016, Infinity had 85 employees and just four short years later, Infinity now employs over 170 people between engineering, purchasing, production, shipping and service. The expansion of the building will follow this growth and allow for Infinity to further serve the world market with robust, reliable and technologically advanced tissue packaging equipment.
Brick by brick, project by project, and idea by idea, Infinity’s intention is to grow without limits and to do our best to help our customers realize their maximum potential. In virtually every facet of the Infinity organization, Infinity strives to reach perfection and provide longevity and continuity for our customers, our employees, and our community. We manage our operations while focusing on three important principles: always give our best effort, work in concert with our values, and simply do what we say we will do.