Serbian Tissue Manufacturer Invest in Infinity Machinery

Drenik ND d.o.o. a Serbian manufacturer of hygienic paper products and one of the largest cellulose manufacturers in Southeast Europe, has purchased six machines from Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. The sale was completed in collaboration with Impex Continental.

To keep up with their increased production demands and maintain their strict quality standards, Drenik selected Infinity’s most recent machine releases, the VISION G3 multipack wrapper and the Optic M1 poly bundler. The two VISION G3s and four Optic M1s will be installed at Drenik’s facility in Belgrade, Serbia. These machines will continue the trend of Infinity’s recent rapid growth in Europe. In the last six years, Infinity has more than quadrupled its machine presence in Europe, supplying nine European countries with automated tissue packaging machinery.

Infinity’s VISION G3 multipack wrapper boasts an array of new innovative features. A patent pending telescoping poly unwind enables faster production speeds while improving pack quality. The Vision G3 can also produce poly wrapped, paper wrapped, paper tucked and facial tissue packs, providing Drenik with unparallel packaging versatility.

The Optic M1 poly bundler is a perfect fit for Drenik’s line as it is designed to produce large format bundles, common in the European market. The unique interchangeable upender and flight bar units on the Optic also appealed to Drenik as they allow for the creation of both “core up” and “core down” pack configurations.

When looking for the right partner for their largest investment of the year, Drenik was drawn to Infinity in large part due to their shared enthusiasm for success and innovation. Founded in 1995, Drenik started as a company that solely manufactured diapers and sanitary pads, however, the company soon expanded into bathroom tissue and household towel rolls. Today, Drenik produces over 100,000 tons of tissue a year and employs over 800 people between its facilities in Serbia and Hungary.

Throughout Drenik’s growth, they have been a company driven by sustainable practices, this drive goes hand in hand with Infinity’s expansive sustainability initiatives. The Optic M1 and VISION G3 can be equipped with IE3 and IE4 rated motors, which operate at a higher efficiency while using less power. The VISION G3 can also wrap rolls in paper, reducing plastic consumption and promoting more ecological packaging.

Drenik’s investment in Infinity machinery ensures that they will have the flexibility to meet any possible market need, while promoting sustainable practices.