Infinity Debuts New Pivoting Servo Merge Diverter

Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. is proud to release the newest addition to its line of servo diverters, the Pivoting Servo Merge.

Specifically designed for facial tissue converting lines, the PSM diverter merges two layers of product into one layer, or one layer of product into two, ensuring a balanced, precise output for production.

The PSM features fully automatic guardrails, ensuring changeovers between flat tissue packs and cube tissue packs are simple and quick.

Another aspect of the PSM that puts customer convenience at the forefront is the machine’s ability to operate with its own individual PLC, or to be integrated with an existing PLC. Whatever a converting line requires, the PSM can be incorporated with ease.

Infinity’s newest diverter also features electronic gearing, allowing the operator to have complete control over the gap size between packs, and in turn, control over product orientation. With the PSM, product is merged, distributed, and controlled all in one compact space.

The PSM diverter from Infinity is the perfect distributor to make facial tissue lines faster, smarter, and more versatile.