Monalisa invests in full packaging line from Infinity.

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp., a world-wide leader in packaging machinery for the tissue industry, will supply Monalisa, located in Nonsan-si, South Korea, a full packaging line. The line will be installed by June of 2021.

Infinity is supplying all the equipment on the packaging line between the log saw and the palletizer. The packaging line includes one (1) Eclipse T4 wrapper, one (1) EPXL bundler, one (1) ItaPack handle applicator (integrated by Infinity) and the conveyor system. Monalisa chose Infinity for this project because they required a system that was flexible for their changing market and they desired robust equipment that will last the next 20+ years. All equipment being provided is built with Infinity’s notable machinery characteristics like rugged steel frames, oversized bearings and overall top-of-the-line componentry. In addition, all machinery uses a SIEMENS processor.

The Eclipse T4 wrapper on this line will be able to run everything from single roll bath tissue to larger bath tissue pack options like 30-packs and 48-packs. The Eclipse T4 wrapper has become a tissue industry staple during the last four years with over 100 wrappers now in production throughout the world.

Not only will the Eclipse T4 wrapper provide more packaging options but so will the bundler on this line. The bundler is called the EPXL. It has a wide product range and can make small and large bundles. The EPXL bundler has a continuous motion design with linear servo movement of the knife and seal jaw. This allows Monalisa to fulfill their current bundle demands, but also gives them the ability to make bundles
with graphics applied to the poly. Since this bundler is continuous motion, it is able accurately follow registration marks and auto correct for misalignment. Other features of the bundler include an integrated diverter and flight bar system for easy product collation, automatic poly reel splice and poly pull out cart for safe poly loading.

Finally, the conveyor system on Monalisa’s line plays an important role in the creation of the product. The system is equipped with an Itapack Handle applicator and every turning, tipping and knock-down device. This allows Monalisa to apply handles to the packs in any orientation and position the packs into the bundle in any orientation as well.

Infinity’s line that has been delivered to Monalisa was designed, built and tested with extensive customer input throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Monalisa was able to see weekly progress through Teams meetings and check the line out virtually. This project truly represents what Infinity stands for robust, flexible, custom and customer-focused tissue packaging solutions. The line will allow Monalisa to offer new packaging options to their customers and will give Monalisa the ability to do this for years to come.