overhead view of Infinity construction

Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. Expands Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities

Due to tremendous growth, Infinity Machine & Engineering Corporation, a market leading manufacturer of tissue packaging equipment including wrappers, bundlers, casepackers, diverters, conveyors and case sealers, has broken ground on a new 8,900 square meter expansion (96,000 sq. ft). Currently, Infinity is split between four facilities, three of which are in Green Bay, WI USA and the fourth in Bologna, Italy.

The new expanded facility in Green Bay, USA will be a total 16,000 square meters (172,000 sq. ft), which along with its facility in Bologna, Italy of 1200 square meters (13,000 sq. ft), will perfectly position Infinity to continue to grow its business and serve Infinity customers world-wide.

The purpose of the new expansion is to allow Infinity to offer greater manufacturing capacity to customers, implement manufacturing process improvements, expand product line offerings, have a dedicated R&D area, expand its training facilities, and to allow for full packaging line set-ups.

Some new features of the building expansion include; a monorail trolley system for powder coated parts which will more than double the paint capacity, adding an additional six final assembly bays (currently there are 13), and also adding additional “pre-build” areas to speed up production. The new expansion will also offer an expanded machine shop, a state-of-the-art quality assurance lab to verify the accuracy of parts, and an additional 1,200 square meters specifically for conveyor production. The expanded manufacturing facility is designed with the intent of creating an efficient flow from parts manufacturing, painting, job staging, assembly, check-out, and machine shipment. Natural light throughout the shop also creates a bright and open environment.

In addition, Infinity is also expanding its engineering offices to allow for increased engineering capacity. The new office will allow Infinity to have a total engineering staff of almost 40 engineers. Currently Infinity employs around 30 engineers. Infinity will also have a space dedicated to packaging line synchronization and simulation which will feature a virtual reality studio and large monitors for simulated line inspections before the actual installation. Also, the customer service area will be expanded to allow for more remote troubleshooting facilities, machine monitoring, engineering collaboration, and increased capacity.

Between the years 2016 and 2019, Infinity has more than doubled in size in terms of machine shipments and revenue. The growth of Infinity, however, is not represented best by the amount in sales or the number of machines in the market, but by the people that make up the company and its valuable customer base. In 2016, Infinity had 85 employees and just four short years later, Infinity now employs over 170 people between engineering, purchasing, production, shipping and service. The expansion of the building will follow this growth and allow for Infinity to further serve the world market with robust, reliable and technologically advanced tissue packaging equipment.
Brick by brick, project by project, and idea by idea, Infinity’s intention is to grow without limits and to do our best to help our customers realize their maximum potential. In virtually every facet of the Infinity organization, Infinity strives to reach perfection and provide longevity and continuity for our customers, our employees, and our community. We manage our operations while focusing on three important principles: always give our best effort, work in concert with our values, and simply do what we say we will do.