LSS gibt Ihnen die vollständige Kontrolle

On a production line, every second counts. Any disturbance, like a bottleneck or a jam can cause a reduction in Overall Equipment Effectiveness, resulting in lost time, and lost revenue.
It may sound cliché, but in production lines, time is money, and it was for this reason Infinity developed Line Synchronization and Simulation software.
Infinity’s LSS, gives operators the ability to control the speed of the line and harmonize the downstream system as a single unit.
LSS is able to accomplish this by monitoring downstream machine process data, the accumulator level and the line’s target speed. LSS sets the target speed for the line, based on individual bottlenecks, and then controls speeds for all the equipment.
This is essential in tissue converting lines as they need the ability to feed enough product for wrappers to continuously run, while the downstream equipment needs to be able to run faster than target speed when there is a backlog.
The LSS software continuously monitors downstream machine process data including the machine speed and material status. Then LSS adjusts the line to compensate for any changes that arise. These adjustments could be anything from increasing the speed of a leg, to letting an accumulator fill to a certain level or even slowing down the line to clear a disturbance.
The data used by LSS is controlled by the master programmable logic controller which can be shared with another machine PLC or a dedicated PLC.
Identifying bottlenecks, and altering line speed in accordance with upsets ensures that machines are operating at their maximum uptime and least mechanical stress. By reacting to line irregularities, LSS can resume full production quickly, resulting in increased OEE.
However, Infinity LSS doesn’t just react to changing circumstances, it also anticipates them. LSS can account for changes in raw materials on a machine, the speed of the machine can be increased to create a time buffer for the change in material.
In addition to this, LSS can also anticipate disruptions by monitoring for a presence or absence of products in a certain area. If there is an irregularity in the flow of a product, we can pause the line for a conveyor jam.
Since different products and different configurations can change the target speed, requirements, or overall objectives of a line, LSS is completely customized based on a consumer’s unique requirements. Features like output path adjustments, accumulator level monitoring and log distribution can all be tailored for a consumer.
Another key component of Infinity’s LSS is the simulation service. By using Emulate 3D software, Infinity emulation engineers can create a functional three-dimensional virtual version of the product line. This allows customers to see their line in action, test different product formats, check photo-eye positions, speeds and production data, all before installation.
In essence, our LSS program allows our customers to have confidence in their purchase by giving them a virtual check-out.
The LSS service also offers customized Human Machine Interfaces that display the entire packaging system. The LSS HMI gives the operator a visual of the states/faults of the conveyor section, and also allows them to change drive section controls from automatic to local.
From the top down, Infinity LSS was designed with efficiency in mind. This unique service allows for maximum OEE, pre installation testing and personalized, user-friendly HMI. To learn more about our LSS services, reach out to your nearest Infinity Sales office.